Mike Bickle – “Growing in the Prophetic” book, page 185

I personally heard the angelic choirs one Saturday morning in the summer of 1990. I arrived at the church auditorium to attend a prayer meeting for revival. As I got out of my car and approached the door of the building, I heard very loud music coming from the sanctuary. I thought that the sound team was playing something majestic like Handel’s Messiah on the sound system at a very high volume. I rushed into the sanctuary because I was concerned that the volume being used was too loud and would hurt the sound system.

I continued to hear this awesome music up until the moment I opened the sanctuary door. The glorious music was instantly shut off, just as if someone had pushed the stop button on the stereo as soon as I opened the doors to the sanctuary. To my surprise, the sound system inside was not yet on, and only two guys in the building were up front, kneeling in prayer at the altar. They heard nothing. I was stunned as I realized that I had just had an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

I didn’t tell anyone at the meeting what I had heard. In anticipation, I thought that surely the Lord was going to visit and especially bless this meeting in power. That must be why He let me hear the heavenly music. But to my surprise, it was just like most of the ordinary prayer meetings that we conduct each day—nothing spectacular; just some tired but sincere believers calling out to God for revival at an early morning hour.

Afterward I pondered the meaning of my experience. The Lord then made it clear to me that He is blessed by such “ordinary” daily prayer meetings that seem so weak and unanointed. The heavenly hosts regularly attend such prayer meetings, unseen and unperceived, to mingle our weak prayers and praises with their strong and glorious heavenly music, worship, and prayer. The angelic choirs are always functioning in the spirit realm in concert with our earthly prayer meetings. This experience built up my faith as I saw the significance God puts on “dry” intercession.