Ying and Grace Kai saw over 1 million new baptised believers in 10 years while working with traditional Christians in a farming village, on the outskirts of a huge Asian megalopolis. What were the keys to seeing this movement birthed?


Just imagine. Suddenly 10, 20, 30 people come to you every day and ask you about Jesus.
“I want to believe and be a Christian.” If that happened what would you do?

Family, old friends, new friends, co-workers, neighbors, even people you just meet randomly.

Have you ever experienced this?:
About 15 years ago a new family moved to our neighborhood. The wife suddenly came to our front door, “I heard that you are Christians, I also want to be a Christian, please tell me what to do!”
Even now, she is a close friend still walking with Jesus.

Recently, these kind of inquiries have been coming from all over Japan.

“I met Jesus, how can I move on from now?”
“I would like to accept Jesus as my Saviour. What should I do?”
“I believe in Jesus. Can you baptise me?”
“I want to know about Jesus, where can I buy a Bible? How do I read the Bible?”

What would we do if these inquiries come every day?
No, no, this doesn’t happen in Japan!
But when you look at the Biblical account and also church history, it can happen in Japan.
And remember, you’ve been praying for revival, haven’t you!

Like I said in the last video, It’s not a matter of whether a harvest happens in Japan or not. It surely will happen.

The issue is when it comes, and will we Christians be ready to reap that harvest?
Are you ready?

Let me share a favourite testimony of mine:
Yin and Grace Kai are missionaries from Taiwan. They received a call to make disciples in a large Asian metropolis of 20 million. They did some training and were dispatched there.

Upon arrival, they were sent to an old established church in a small country town away from the big city. They began training the believers to make disciples.

In the first gathering, they taught and trained 30 believers how to simply share their testimony. They then challenged them to share with five people during the week.

The next week, 17 out of 30 people actually shared their testimony with someone. One of them shared with 11 people. Within 2 months, 20 disciple or simple church groups were made through those 17 people.
Six months later, it had grown into 327 groups of simple churches, 4000 people were baptised, and it had spread to 17 towns. Within one year, it grew to 908 simple churches and 12,000 people were added.

A challenge to my Japanese brothers and sisters!
You might say: “This may be happening overseas but it is impossible in Japan!” But don’t think or say that it can not be done!
The only difference between Japan and these areas is the veil on the eyes of the people; the spiritual hunger of the people.
And movements that have dramatically grown overseas are, like Japan, have happened mostly amongst normal relationships in everyday life; through family relationships, friendships, work relationships, etc.
Christians simply share their testimonies and the gospel to introduce people to Jesus.
Then start making simple disciples and simple church with simple tools.

A elderly farmer received this simple training and began to witness and share the gospel for the first time. When he shared it, people were interested and came to believe in Jesus.
Within 2 months he had made 12 discipleship groups or simple church gatherings. In 1 year 110 groups had been established
He reads the Bible and prays from 5 am to 7 pm, works on the farm from 7am to 5 pm.
After the farm work he works in God’s fields until 12 o’clock.

Let me say again:
The difference between this farmer’s environment and our environment is just that people’s eyes are veiled. But like we saw the last time with the Bohjpuri, the Lord can instantly remove the veil

After what we do after that it is the purpose for this video series!
We believe that thousands and tens of thousands will come to Christ.
Are you ready? Let’s prepare now.

Last time we encouraged everyone to believe and pray. Pray to the Lord of Harvest that workers are sent. Let’s pray for workers to be prepared and trained. And let’s also make practical preparations.

Consider the life of the disciples of the early church. Everything changed when they were filled by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.
Not only becoming bold and full of joy, their daily schedule changed. Their use of time changed. Priorities changed.
Networks and relationships changed.

Some of what had been cherished for decades until then was now obsolete and done away with. Other things they had never thought of doing at all they began doing every day. Imagine it! Try to visualise it. Close your eyes and think about it

Think about someone you know coming to ask about Jesus: “Please tell me”, “Please pray with me.”, “How do you believe in Jesus?”, “How do you read the Bible?”

In the stories of past revivals and harvests there are many stories of failure.
Christians in those days, especially leaders could not keep up with the change as needed.
“We’ve been doing it this way!”
“There is no precedent!”
“Why do we need to change it?”
“Just leave it like it is.”
But there are seasons in life. For example there are the seasons for child rearing: the role of parents when children are small, the role of parents when children are teens, and the role of parents when children become adults and become independent are all different.

There was the season of the first church before and after the day of Pentecost, before persecution and after persecution.
Each season was different. Church form changed, too.

Today’s challenge and homework!
Please think and pray about these questions:

  • If twenty new came for every person in your church community what would you do? (Think practically!)
  • Where and how would you get together?
  • How would each of them learn the Bible?
  • How can they join a discipleship relationship?
  • How do make sure no-one misses out?
  • How can leaders not over-work and burn out?
  • How can you delegate and share responsibilities?
  • Who could you begin to train as leaders right now?
  • How will you train and release leaders?
  • Is there someone who I trust and can give responsibility to right now?
  • How do we keep this process smooth?
  • What problems might come up?

From now on we’re going to be looking at these questions and think strategically how to make disciples, do simple church and prepare for harvest.

We do not need answers or solutions immediately, but let’s think begin to think about it and prepare our hearts!

It may be a hypothetical question right now, but soon it will be a reality!