What images do you get when you think about marriage? Is marriage a burden? Old or outdated? 墓場? Women, when you were young, did you dream about being a bride? What images do you have of marriage now?
We will share why marriage is a gift.

This seminar is for married people, engaged couples, and single people who want to be married.

18:00-19:00 Please bring a bento and we will share dinner together and enjoy fellowship together.

19:00-21:00 Various speakers will share and there will be opportunities for discussion and Q&A.

Come to hear stories of marriage and friendship.
– Preparing for a good, healthy marriage
– Restoring a marriage
– Sustaining strength and growth in your marriage

Location: Amity Hall Room 503 10-11 Rokutanjicho,
Nishinomiya, Hyogo 〒662-0918