Created by His hands, knit together in her mother’s womb. Loved completely. He can’t take His gaze away from her. His child. His precious creation. He sees the wonderful plan He has in store for her life. A plan where they will walk together. She will see His hand in creation. She will feel His leading through each intersection life brings. He will share His heart with her and she will seek His face.

That childlike innocence begins to fade as she discovers the enticements of the world. There is an enemy of her soul – the liar and the destroyer – who seeks to tarnish her and put an end to the plans her Creator has in store. She can always choose – her choice is free. So the liar will show her many, many choices: appealing, glittering delights that promise freedom, happiness, and love. She steps towards them, enchanted. She begins to have a taste and steps onto this new path.

And then, suddenly, all of this looks so desirable,
so irresistible
She’s too far from God now, and this feels so right,
so justifiable;
She gives her life to it.

He never stops calling out to her to come back.
He misses her.
He calls her name, He sends messengers with His invitation,
He intercedes…

But her heart is engaged elsewhere.
His passionate urgency feels like a whisper;
a nudge that is easily disregarded.

She is being wrapped up in vile chains
that at times feel so right; a lover’s caress,
But are steadily emptying her.
Emptying her of the promise she had once known.

And as an empty heart –
empty of joy, empty of herself
She can hear once again
Hear Him who was the Lover of her soul
Whispering His steadfast love
Extending His steadfast invitation –
to come out of the mud
she had loved and made home.

His tender love and compassion translate
into a mighty war cry!
Against the enemy of her soul
And He annihilates those chains
that had made her prisoner.

And her new journey begins. With Him.
With each step He heals her heart
and makes her whole.
Her right hand desperately clasps His,
and He holds it firm.
With her left hand, she offers Him the pen with which to write in the rest of her life.