Can you think of 10 things you like about yourself? When I was in high school, I dated guys, and inevitably we would break up and I would be sad. My cousin said to me, “Rae-Anna, before your next relationship, you should think of 10 things you like about yourself.”

If you can’t think of anything, chances are you will look to others, eg boyfriends to tell you these things/make you feel valuable. But when you know your worth, know that you are an absolute treasure, it’s easy to know when a guy also recognizes this. When you look to guys for this, you’ll feel great when they’re giving you attention, but what about when they say hurtful things? What about when they break up with you? Then, if you don’t know your value, you will let those words/actions tell you about yourself. And then you might look to the next guy to feel better about yourself. #wheredoesmyvaluecomefrom

Do you ever feel loved when a guy gives you attention? And do you say yes to those guys because that attention made you feel loved? I did!

But now I know I AM loved. I don’t need to look for love. I’ve got it!! Right in my heart already!! YOU ARE LOVED. Your value is so precious – you can’t count it.

The guy who loves you and knows your value will wait for the best timing and come in best way. He’ll come through the gate in the proper way and time, and won’t try to jump the wall and take what isn’t his. When you know your value it’s easy to say no to the guys who are just trying to jump over the wall. #doyouknowyouareloved?