(English below)「彼らが主の道について歌うでしょう」 詩篇138:5


🏺ナルドの壺の祈りのリクエスト/証し:<性と愛のリクエスト/証し>を最初に書いて、挨拶抜き3行以内。個人名ではなくイニシャルか匿名で、宗教関係のリクエストの場合「某宗教」で、火曜日18時までにhttps://onfire.jp/inori/ までお願いします。

“May they sing about the ways of the Lord.” (Psalm 138:5)

As Jesus leads, we pray for His ways to heal, free, and restore the areas of sexual and relational brokenness. We pour out our alabaster jar of worship and adoration to Jesus who has redeemed, cleansed us, purified us from all unrighteousness. Through worship and declaring His Words, we are raising a banner for God’s ways in Japan.