Many people are being helped through the kind service, support, prayers and donations of many people.

Please continue to pray for the needs – and if you feel led, please contact Naomi directly, to make a financial offering or food donation.

We also pray that God will open up opportunities for more and more Christians to give away in abundance from the blessings they have received! (Luke 12:48)

Many Christians throughout Japan are already serving local families specifically in children’s cafeterias and food banks.

Those who feel the Lord’s leading to start in their own community, please prayerfully step out in faith!

Recent Testimonies:

★ One mother and her family had been supported with packed lunches for three years, but recently the mother was able to work, graduated from the support and now she has started supporting the children (around 25) around her.

★ We are supporting a family of four children, who are being brought up by their grandma without their parents. Recently, the grandma became ill and was in hospital for over three weeks. She has since returned and the five of them are living together.

★ We have begun to support a family of a grandma, grandpa and their three grand-children (primary school age). The mother passed away, and the father fell ill and became bedridden. Grandma, who herself is in a wheelchair, takes care of him (her son). The grandfather was seriously injured in a recent typhoon and had to be taken to hospital. As he can no longer cook meals for the children, we are now supporting the family.

★ A social worker from a local school asked us to support a mother and her daughter.

The parent and child were on the verge of having their daughter, a third-grader, admitted to a children’s home because they had no electricity and gas and ran out of food—so they would have had no choice but to send her to a children’s home.

As we began to provide support, the daughter started coming to the church every so often to play with the other children, and the mother started picking her daughter up from church after work.

In the midst of all this, the mother would see the Christians singing praises and wondered, ‘How can these people sing with such joy when they haven’t even been drinking? If I could be like them, I would change!’

The mother was so distressed in her heart that she could not sleep without drinking alcohol every night. The mother’s heart was filled with a desire for peace and joy to live, and she recently believed in Jesus and was saved.

To this day, this mother and daughter still walk with Jesus.

Please continue to pray and give to this project. Those who are led to give, please check the details on this page: