Another outreach video!
This time we went near a large university and talked to students.
To be honest, many students were busy rushing to class so we were rejected many times.

But we had some great conversations with a few groups.
Recently, we’ve heard more than one young person say “My heart hurts!” –
What’s going on?
Is their dream of a financially stable life with a big company not as appealing as it used to be!?
Of course not!
Our only hope is found in JESUS!

We approached people by asking if they had pain in their bodies – but we ended up having some great conversations and even praying with some who didn’t have any pain.

We want to encourage you too to talk to people, pray for the sick, and naturally share the gospel of the Kingdom with people.
You will be rejected by some, thought of as stupid by others, but what a wonderful chance to share hope with the hopeless.

If we step out in obedience to God, whether we see the fruit or not, there will be a harvest.