1. Read Psalm 119:81-96 aloud, and after reading, pray out the verses to God. Thank Him, express your amazement, express your desires.

2. Discovery Bible: Discover what God wants to speak to you from His word today.

Romans 4

Discovery Bible:

1. What happened at the cross? What does the cross mean for me?

2. Why did Jesus have to die for me?

3. What did Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross give me?


Choose from any of the 14 videos and blog posts below.

Consider these questions as you watch the videos and read scripture today

1. What were key moments that shaped your views on sex/sexuality (positive and negative)?

2. Were there key moments that led you down a path God was not leading you down?

3. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you if there is anyone you need to forgive for participating in these key moments.

4. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you if there are moments where you need His truth and healing.