This summer; 55 days; 55 minutes/day.

4 Sections; 5 Foundational Lessons; 15 Personal Challenges; 40+ Videos and Blog Posts; with a focus on Romans 1-8 and Psalm 119.

For women who know Jesus (or who are interested in following Jesus), who are interested in being challenged to purity. And/or for women who want healing from sexual sin (sex outside of marriage, struggles with porn/erotica).

Please message us at if you are interested in taking the challenge! The challenge is quite comprehensive, so if some topics aren’t applicable for you, please only take what you need! It will be available through joining a facebook group, or through receiving a daily email. It is advised to do the challenge together with a friend.

All you need is a new notebook!

Message from Rae-Anna:

“Even though I grew up in a Christian home, I didn’t understand God’s instructions around sex. I believed in God and wanted to know Him, but I struggled with sexual sin. For ten years, I walked a path between these two things, at times growing near to God, only to fall in sin again. In 2010, I finally saw how destructive my sin was to me, and I finally saw that God’s instructions were His love, and in obeying Him I would find freedom. He healed and restored me in layers until I finally saw His love in the most truest, all sufficient way. I wrote a Purity Challenge based on how I learned purity. Twenty years of learning condensed into 55 days. Are you in?!”



  • Personal Challenge #1 – Seeing yourself as God sees you. Seeing others as God sees them.

Sex: What God intended it to be and what God did not intend it to be

  • Personal Challenge # 2 – What shaped your views on sex and sexuality?
  • Foundation #1 – God’s Ways
  • Foundation #2 – God’s Instructions ARE His Love
  • Personal Challenge #3 – Dealing with our Idols
  • Personal Challenge #4 – No Compromise

The Cross

  • Foundation #3 – The Cross (Romans 3:21-8)
  • Personal Challenge #5 – Forgiveness
  • Personal Challenge #6 – Let your baggage go
  • Personal Challenge #7 – New Creation

Singleness & Sexuality; Sex drive and Wholeness

  • Personal Challenge #8 – “What was the defining moment where you actually understood that your sexual purity was worth protecting?” 
  • Personal Challenge #9 – Sex Dreams & Memories
  • Personal Challenge #10 – So, What do I do with my desire?

Purity Is Possible

  • Foundation #4 – Learning to Stand
  • Foundation #5 – Encounter the love of Jesus and learn that you CAN stand in the face of aloneness
  • Personal Challenge #11 – Let His love into ALL parts of your heart
  • Personal Challenge #12 – Understanding Intimacy with God
  • Personal Challenge #13 – Finding His love to be all you need
  • Personal Challenge # 14 – Walking Forward…With Him
  • Personal Challenge #15 – Share with a friend

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