We believe that God is bringing a revelation of purity to Japan.

We know that God wants to bring a purity movement to Japan, and beyond, and that He is calling others to carry this move of His Spirit.

What is Purity?

  • It is in our interpersonal relationships – how we honor one another – especially between the sexes.
  • It is in single life – keeping our eyes on Jesus and laying our desires on the altar. He is completely faithful and we can trust Him with our desires. There is something so precious about the single time – to know Jesus as the One who satisfies all the needs of the human soul.
  • It is in the marriage relationship. It is in loving one another in a committed and sacrificial love. It is in enjoying the gift of sex and intimacy with one another. It is in modelling this love for your children.
  • It is in dialogue with your children, as they come into contact with the depiction of sex as the world defines it: through images online and in magazines, through movies, through conversations at school and with their peers, and as they grow up and are faced with choices regarding their own sexuality.
  • It is in fiercely guarding the perimeters around our purity. It is in guarding our eyes from adultery.
  • It is in teaching the value of sex and the impact of sex.
  • It is in confronting the temptations and societal norms and ensnarement of pornography, infidelity, and commodification of sex.
  • It is in praying for godly spouses for your single friends and in encouraging one another to be men and women after God’s heart.
  • It is in intercession for the spiritual war we are in and the stronghold of lust.
  • It is in the complete restoration of the broken walls of compromised purity, healing of the areas of lives that had been destroyed by sexual sin.
  • It is in deliverance and counseling ministry as chains are broken and people are set free.

Purity Resources

We are producing original teaching content as well as translating English resources into Japanese. There is a wealth of English resources and almost no biblical purity resources available in Japanese. Yet. We would love to translate your content related to the topic of purity and biblical sex for use on our website and social media! Each mention of your content will of course include attribution and a link to your original post.

Areas of Ministry:

  • Prayer and intercession
  • Outreach
  • Teaching seminars
  • Counseling and deliverance ministry
  • Providing purity resources in Japanese
Rae-Anna Hedorin

Rae-Anna Hedorin

PureHeart Japan

Rae-Anna first lived in Japan in 2004 and returned in 2018 as a long-term missionary with Onfire Japan. She has a passion for a revelation of Purity for Japan.

“God has given me freedom and restoration in the area of purity. God continues to refine me daily and at times I am also challenged in walking this path. But I know how wonderful God’s ways are, and how utterly counterfeit and emptying the world’s path is. I want to share about the freedom and joy that comes from walking in the ways of the Lord.”

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“May we sing of the ways of the Lord.” Psalm 138:5

Onfire Japan has been serving in Osaka, Japan since 2005. The media center of Onfire Japan creates and distributes original, quality media in the Japanese language to reach pre-believers with the Gospel message and support both online and local church communities.

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