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What’s the Key of Simple Church?

Simple church is not a new methodology. It is returning to the original form of Ecclesia (church) that Jesus taught and displayed through his way of life.

It’s simple! Through the relationships that are already in our lives we make disciples of those who want to know Jesus, encourage one-another, and see the kingdom of God come to earth. It’s an old way, with some new tools, but the key is believers like you and me filled and led by the Holy Spirit.

Simple church is also a process where safe places are established through deep bonds of love, and each person is built-up as part of the body in the Holy Spirit. Christ is the head. So, above all else, each one is directly connected to the head, filled with the Holy Spirit while remaining in Jesus, the Word, and encouraging one-another to follow and obey God.

As well as serving together, it is a community where people bear each other’s burdens and cover each other’s weaknesses with love. The life of faith is a journey from strength to strength and from faith to faith. We need brothers and sisters, companions, and friends who will fight together.

Above all, while using this Simple Church 3X3 manual please follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and welcome the process of being transformed to become like Jesus.

We are still testing and trying new things so, if you have some improvements, new ideas or suggestions while using this simple church manual, please let us know.

Simple Church is flat, free and open. If you’re new to the game, take time to learn about simple church.

Online resources:

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iPad or Tablet version – English:

Japanese or English printed manuals are 400 yen for first one, includes postage. 200 yen for additional manuals.

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If you’re new to simple church resources we recommend you do a little research beforehand to understand the “why” of simple church. For Japanese, we have created this video series on Youtube.

Simple Church Video Series, JAPANESE LANGUAGE ONLY:

We recommend some simple explanations of organic church and simple church by Neil Cole at this link:

Resources here are English but all aimed for use amongst Japanese.

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