Simple Church: Links

If some of the links below are not yet active, please be patient, we are still creating content.

If you’re new to simple church resources we recommend you do a little research beforehand to understand the “why” of simple church. For Japanese, we have created this video series on Youtube. Simple Church Video Series, JAPANESE LANGUAGE ONLY
We recommend some simple explanations of organic church and simple church by Neil Cole at this link.
Resources below are English but all aimed for use amongst Japanese.

▶︎ Simple Church 3X3 Manual:×3/


▶︎ Invite the Holy Spirit to lead your time together. Examples here:

▶︎ Questions to help you get to know each other:

▶︎ Celebrate communion together:


▶︎ Praise and worship playlists (bilingual with Japanese):

▶︎ Prayers of confession, example prayer and scriptures:

▶︎ Kan-kan-gan explanation and examples:


▶︎ Discovery Bible method:

▶︎ Cross Bible Study:

▶︎ Following Jesus Video Series (JAPANESE only):


▶︎ Tool: Learn to give your testimony in 30 seconds!

▶︎ Tool: Learn to bless people through words (prophecy)

▶︎ Tool: Learn to share the gospel simply and concisely using “3 Circles”

▶︎ Tool: Create an Oikos Map of your relationships


▶︎ Examples of how to pray for the sick etc.

▶︎ Examples of how to pray to send each other out.