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In the Bible, there is a parable of the “prodigal son.” The troubled son had used up his father’s inheritance and brought disgrace to his family, the father forgave him and welcomed him. It is a very beautiful story. It tells us how much God’s immense grace we have.

In the same story, another son also appears. This older son was a hard worker who had kept his father’s instructions. But one day, he saw his father holding a party for his younger brother who brought a shame to his family. “You’ve never done such a party for me at all. It’s unfair!” He was angry and jealous.

Perhaps some of you may put yourself in the place of this older brother. He may appear happy, but is his heart full of fear and anger?

God directs the same kindness that He showed to his problem brother to you as an “honor student”. You are not forgotten nor overlooked. God sees you, is near you, and God has already given you good things. And He is waiting for you to receive it. Whether you accept God again in your heart. That is up to you.

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