About Onfire Japan

Welcome to Onfire Japan

Onfire Japan is a Christian ministry dedicated to seeing Japan and Japanese Christians filled with the presence and power of God. We equip believers for discipleship and simple church planting through online media, networking and training. We’re excited for the opportunity to work together to see revival come to the church and the harvest come to Japan.

Other Platforms
YouTube, FaceBook, YouVersion Bible App.

Related Ministries: 
Japan House of Prayer – Online
Jiyu e no Michi (Path to Freedom Ministries; formerly SOZO Japan)

Our Work

Publishing & Translation

Translating messages into Japanese
Translation of published materials (e.g. Bethel Church)

Freedom & Healing Ministries

SOZO Ministry
Healing Rooms
Special Events


Management of international ministry team visitors, training and equipping local believers in Japan, and training seminars.


Revival Camp
Relationships Classes

Our People

We are supported and have oversight from the Nishinomiya House Church Network’s leadership team, which include 木谷哲郎、ジョン・フレンチ、細見一也、リチャード・マッキンタイヤー、ジェフ・リンスコットです。

Jef & Aya Linscott

Jef & Aya Linscott

Interpretation, translation, SOZO Ministry, Information Transfer, Relationship Building, etc.

Nishinomiya House Church Network

Financial Support, Event Planning, etc.

Erich & Emi Boileau

Erich & Emi Boileau

Web Development & Design, Photography, Video and Media Development.

Rae-Anna Hedorin

Rae-Anna Hedorin

PureHeart Japan


Onfire Japan is able to continue our work thanks to the chartible giving of our readers and supporters. If you are interested in supporting us, we accept donations online by credit card or through bank transfer.