Freedom Ministry

About this ministry

Our freedom & deliverance ministry, now called “Path to Freedom” (自由への道 Jiyū e no Michi) was started originally as SOZO ministry from Bethel Church and other teachers. The word SOZO is a Greek word meaning salvation, healing, and deliverance. Since 2021 we stopped using the name SOZO because we also incorporate other prayer tools into our freedom sessions.

Freedom ministry helps people walk with the fullness of salvation that Jesus died for us on the cross. Emotional issues, relational problems, unhealthy pattern in your life is caused by enemy’s foothold to bind your freedom by disrupting your intimate relationship with God. The ministry team will help you find what prevents you from having a life of freedom, and get rid of the root.

Session's Purpose

A Freedom Session will help you find underlying issues (eg. lies of the enemy), shine God’s truth on them, and help you remove the root. Past hurts will be healed, and you will experience freedom and deliverance in the deepest places of your heart.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32



Session Process

Two trained ministers will conduct a Freedom Session as a team. They have also received ministry themselves, and have good understanding the context and the process. Each session varies from 2~3 hours. Some people receive great deliverance with a single session, whereas others experience freedom through several sessions. Regardless, the ministers will walk with you to freedom in Christ as God guides each session.

This ministry is not counseling, however, through our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, it is a great opportunity for you to know God’s purpose for you.

Application for a Session

If you are interested in this ministry, or wish to receive a session, please contact below. Following your inquiry, we will reply with a session day and time.

Contact us first if you have a question about this ministry:



Session Fee

We do not have a set fee for a Freedom Session, but accept freewill offerings. You are welcome to give cash on the day or make a donation using either of the bank accounts below (Japan) or Paypal to 

Japanese Post Office Transfer: Account Number 00950-4-108047 Account Name: ONFIRE JAPAN
Bank Transfer: SMBC Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Shukugawa Branch, Normal Savings account, #4193960
Account name: Umezawa Shizuka