Have you read Bill Johnson’s book “Heaven Invades Earth”?

We translated and published this in Japanese in 2007 and are just about to print it for the 4th time, with a total of 5000 books! (In Japanese Christian circles, this would qualify as a best seller.)

In 2005 I first received some Bill Johnson message CDs from a friend.
I was moved by the simple yet powerful gospel message and felt strongly that we needed to provide this message for our Japanese brothers and sisters, hence the publishing of the book and the beginning of Onfire Japan ministries.

Since then, many amazing testimonies and words of encouragement have arrived in our inbox. A few examples:

One person said:
“I never knew what ‘the Kingdom of God’ was and spent a long time searching for the true meaning. Then, at that moment I found this book and my eyes were opened. I saw how to live it out. I want all Christians to read this book, be healed, made whole and walk out the true gospel on the earth.”

A pastor from Tokyo said:
“This book is an important key to release the Kingdom of Heaven in our lives, churches and the nations. It will bring you to hunger greatly to see the Kingdom of God within you revealed!”

We are asking for testimonies or words of reference from Japanese readers to include in the next printing.

And we’re keeping the same, low price of 1400 yen – once it’s printed, please consider getting one for a Japanese friend!