With the spread of the coronavirus, people are increasingly panicked and both indoor and outdoor are being canceled or postponed throughout the country. We have also been forced to cancel our church gatherings and seminars, as the local city rental rooms have closed for the month. (We’ll still do them online, so stay in touch!)

Because of these small difficulties we can experience a very small taste and sympathise with brothers and sisters who live in countries without religious freedom and have constant persecution for their faith.

Today we will show you how as God’s family we can continue to encourage one another, read the Bible together and pray together with one heart. We created this “Simple Church manual”. You can download a free PDF below. If you need a booklet, you can purchase one for 200 yen in either English or Japanese.

This manual is composed of 3×3 (nine elements), and suggests a simple church form in which two or three believers gather together, centering on the three pillars of their interpersonal relationship, leading of the Holy Spirit, and the centrality of the Word of God.

In this series of Simple Church videos, we will introduce the nine elements (3×3) briefly one by one. For example, how can you worship in a place where you can’t make noise or where no one can play a musical instrument? We also introduce various training tools for personal growth, community growth and outreach, such as how to hear God’s voice and receive revelation directly from the Bible, how to receive prophetic words for people, and how to pray for physical healing, and so on. Please check it out.

So, why do we do simple church? To answer that question, we also have a video series that goes into more detail about the Biblical, sociological and psychological reasons behind Simple Church (Japanese only) Please see:

We pray that as you come together, God would bless your deep fellowship with Jesus and with each other, and renew and strengthen your faith! And we hope that simple gatherings of disciples will spread all over Japan!