How to be involved praying for Japan:

PRAY4JAPAN – 17 Day Prayer Guide for Japan – on YouVersion
Let’s agree with the Word of God as we worship, declare and pray for breakthrough in this beautiful nation. Register the Bible reading plan on the YouVersion Bible app.

PRAY4JAPAN – Daily Online Olympic Prayer Meeting – on YouTube Live
Join us daily 6:00am ~ 6:45am (Japan time – details below*) live, as we worship, pray for the nations, and intercede for Japan with one heart and mind.

JAPAN1MILLION – One Million Hours of Prayer for Japan
Register to join thousands of other believers as they pray for Japan.

PRAY4JAPAN – Facebook Page
Register on Facebook to receive daily prayer topics for Japan.

PRAY4JAPAN – 日本のために祈る17日間(YouVersion 聖書アプリの聖書読書プラン)

PRAY4JAPAN – オリンピック開催中、毎日、YouTubeライブの祈りの集まり
毎日、6:00am ~ 6:45am、共に集まり、一つの心と思いで賛美し、国々のために、そして日本のために祈りましょう。


PRAY4JAPAN – Facebook Page(英語のみ)

*PRAY4JAPAN – Daily Online Olympic Prayer Meeting – on YouTube Live
DATES: Daily, Friday July 23rd – Sunday Aug 8th
During the olympics. (And possibly the Paralympics too.)

TIME: 6:00am ~ 6:45am (JST)
New Zealand – 9am
Sydney – 7am
Tokyo – 6am
Singapore, Hong Kong – 5am
New Delhi – 2:30am
Moscow – 12am
Paris, Cape Town – 11pm*
London – 10pm*
NY, Florida – 5pm*
Chicago – 4pm*
Denver – 3pm*
LA, SF – 2pm*
Honolulu – 11am*

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