1.    Casual sex “promises” intimacy, but only feels like that for an hour, or for the night, and then we’re left alone and feeling exposed and empty as before, or emptier… 

2.    Casual sex “promises” that we are special and desireable, but the truth is, any vagina will do. The guy doesn’t care about us, we are just presenting available sex. It is not special, it’s just what’s available.

3.    “Casual” sex is the name, [casual sex sounds casual – short, with no lasting impact] but lasting ties are created. In the memory, and in the soul. That need to be broken. Sometimes through a process. When I say yes to sex, am I prepared for the lasting impact? Am I prepared to be bonded to this person?

4.    Casual sex chips away (erodes) at our perception of our value. Casual sex is cheap, and we “sell” our sex so cheaply, but in truth, we are of innumerable value. We are so precious and priceless and completely worth authentic intimacy, where the man devotes himself to us in holy commitment in a bond that won’t be broken. When I realized this, even though I enjoy sex, I decided to wait, to hold out for this. 

5.    Casual sex leaves us emptier that we ever imagined we were signing up for. I cried for nearly a year. Purging the lies I had accepted into my identity (lies I had absorbed through being treated certain ways, or through words exes had said directly), and God’s truth washed over me, filling the places in my identity that had previously been lies.