55 Day PureHeart Challenge

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for Christian women (or women who are interested in following Jesus) of all ages who want to be challenged to purity.

If any of these apply to you, this challenge is for you!

  • For women who want to know God’s ways for sexuality.
    For women who want healing from sexual sin (sex outside of marriage, struggles with porn/erotica.
  • For married women who have unfinished business from their singleness.
  • For women who want to know the truth deep down in their being that “Jesus is Enough”.
  • For married women who want to understand elongated singleness to be able to better stand with their single friends.

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This challenge is an invitation to find full freedom from the past and full freedom to live abundantly as a single just like Jesus did – whole, content, joyful – even in the struggle, because He’s enough!

Every section contains practical challenges where you are asked very deep questions with the goal that this will start something new in each person’s life. Rae-Anna shares candidly about her process and the realness of what it is to be a single person – the good and the challenging – and the realness of what it is to hear Jesus say “Now go and sin no more” after you have a past of sexual sin, and then walking that out through restoration into complete freedom.




It is advised to do the challenge together with a friend. Do you have a friend to do this challenge with?

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It will be available through joining a facebook group, or through receiving a daily email. It is advised to do the challenge together with a friend.

It’s designed to be something you can do during your daily time with Jesus as each day includes Bible reading and prayer/worship.

The challenge is quite comprehensive, so if some topics aren’t applicable for you, please only take what you need!

All you need is a new notebook!

Part 1 – Sex: What God intended it to be and what God did not intend it to be

  • Personal Challenge #1 – Seeing yourself as God sees you. Seeing others as God sees them.
  • Personal Challenge # 2 – What shaped your views on sex and sexuality?
  • Foundation #1 – God’s Ways
  • Foundation #2 – God’s Instructions ARE His Love
  • Personal Challenge #3 – No Compromise
  • Personal Challenge #4 – Dealing with our Idols

 Part 2 – The Cross

  • Foundation #3 – The Cross (Romans 3:21-8)
  • Personal Challenge #5 – Forgiven, Healed, Unburdened, Purified, Restored
  • Personal Challenge #6 – Shame
  • Personal Challenge #7 – New Creation

Part 3 – Singleness & Sexuality; Sex drive and Wholeness

  • Personal Challenge #8 – Let’s talk about Singleness!
  • Personal Challenge #9 – “What was the defining moment where you actually understood that your sexual purity was worth protecting?”
  • Personal Challenge #10 – Sex Drive, Dreams & Memories
  • Personal Challenge #11.1 – Honoring God in our Singleness – Thankfulness and Trust
  • Personal Challenge #11.2 – Self-Control – Honoring God with our Bodies

Part 4 – Purity Is Possible

  • Foundation #4 – Learning to Stand
  • Foundation #5 – Learning to Drink from His Well
  • Personal Challenge #12 – Persevering Under Trial
  • Personal Challenge #13 – The Desert
  • Personal Challenge #14 – Living as One who is Loved
  • Personal Challenge #15 – Living as One Connected to Him