Join us for the The 33 Minute Warrior – 33 Day Challenge – starting from May 15

The LORD says:
“My righteousness draws near speedily,
My salvation is on the way,
My arm will bring justice to the nations.
The islands will look to me
And wait in hope for my arm.”
Isaiah 51:5

Many men are suffering at this time.
Christian men included.
Pain, sin, and suffering hidden in hearts until now has come to the surface; and many have been pushed to the brink of the destruction of their marriages, families, relationships… and themselves.

But, the righteousness and salvation of the Lord are close.
Those who wait in hope on the Lord will be saved.

Since starting the “33 Minute Warrior” with a few dozen men in November 2019, many have already enjoyed profound liberation and freedom from Lord Jesus, and have established deep bonds with their male comrades; their purpose in life has been revived.

Obey heaven, serve people, conquer self, crush evil!

The 33 Minute Warrior is a movement of brothers who support and help each other; to rise up and live powerfully as modern-day warriors in the Way of Christ.

Please check the 33 MINUTE WARRIOR VISION
Warrior Movement Background here:

And vision of the 33MW 33 Day Challenge here:

The 33 DAY CHALLENGE will ask for a commitment to:

  • 10 minutes a day plan (truth challenge, physical challenge, relational challenge.)
  • Sharing daily with a warrior brother (via email, text, phone etc.)
  • Once a week 30 to 60 minute time with a warrior brother (if possible in person)
  • One 2 day 1 night Warrior Training Camp. (Training will be given on how to hold this.)

NEXT CHALLENGE STARTS: Friday May 15th, 2020
(PS: You can start the challenge anytime you like, but we will also occasionally do a “campaign” which you’re welcome to be a part of.)

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