We’re offering four weeks of simple church training and practice using ZOOM video conferencing software.

Focus will be on those who would like to start small intentional discipleship groups, and we can give advice on how to maximise ZOOM for this purpose. (We are have a focus on reaching Japanese using this tool, although of course it can be used in any language.)

Choose either the afternoon sessions, or night sessions to suit your schedule.
Afternoon sessions: 2pm ~ 4pm
Night sessions: 8pm ~ 10pm

Tuesday, April 14
Tuesday, April 21
Tuesday, April 28
Thursday, May 7

Simple church 3X3 introduces useful tools for discipleship and community building.

It can be used in any environment from established churches to new evangelism or outreach situations; one-on-one or in small groups, either in person, at home, restaurants or cafes.

It is based on the discovery Bible process, which is core to disciple making movements around to world, to see disciples develop healthy spiritual lives of obedience to the Word of God.

Each week we will practice using the 3X3 (three-thirds) format for connecting and growing in the Word of God.
This will be focussed on beginners, or those who have no particular experience in simple church format and tools, but people who want to actually step out and begin something in their community. We don’t need to be bound to one particular style, but will introduce flexibility within the 3X3 format. The format can be adapted and adjusted to the needs of those who are gathering.

Simple Church 3X3 manuals are free to download for web, iPhone or iPad at onfire.jp/en/3×3

Or you can purchase a booklet for 200 yen, Japanese or English (plus 200 yen postage, for any number of copies.)

Contact us using this form if you’re interested:
(Copy and paste into an email and send it to mail@onfire.jp )
EMAIL ADDRESS: (for confirmation)
AGE BRACKET: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and above
PHONE: (only used if email is not working.)
Tell us your experience with leading or participating in small groups and discipleship.

• We will use the ZOOM video conference tool (free) each week, which can be used on computer or smartphone. Once you register we will send the meeting ID and password and help you set it up.
• Attendance is free.

Ongoing Training & Networking
Already using simple church tools and looking for ongoing training and networking?
Get connected and join the conversation!

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Jef Linscott, Onfire Japan, mail@onfire.jp