Supporting our brothers, sisters and orphans in Mwanza, Tanzania.

We have been supporting and connecting with Elias, a local pastor/christian worker, who lives in Mwanza, Tanzania, for eight years and have been praying for him and his church.

In December 2021, we made connection with Gaku Yamashiki, a Japanese missionary who lives in Dar es Salaam. We began to talk with him about what Christians in Japan could do in order to help the believers in Mwanza and deepen the relationship with them. Gaku and another Japanese brother visited Elias and his friends.

Please check out this video report on their 6-day trip.


Mwanza City Needs

We currently support Elias’s family for 10,000 yen every month. This helps Elias to evangelize and carry on his missionary work. He often walks to remote towns, encouraging local believers and leaders. We are considering supporting the purchase of bicycles and motorcycles so that he can serve more broadly and efficiently.

Elias lives in an area with severe poverty and has fostered strong relationships with many local pastors and leaders. From here on, we are praying for how we can develop and encourage leaders. We are considering supporting them through training programs, and purchasing computers to help them participate in online programs.

Local Orphans

There are about 40 orphans connected to Elias’s church community. Many live as foster children of church members and live a very minimal life. Apart from the monthly living expenses, the annual tuition fee of about 10,000 yen is required for each child to attend school. This year, with the support from the Japan family, many children were able to go to school. We would like to continue to pray and donate to support the children.

What can we do?

Let’s pray!

Please remember and pray for Elias in Mwanza, his family, and the family of faith there.

Let’s make a team!

If you would like to join together in a team to bless the nations, please contact us.

We will pray together, build relationships with local brothers and sisters, plan specific prayer events, consider and promote giving to physical and financial needs, consider and pray how we can support and encourage them. Create a team that fits you. Also, if you really want to go there in the future, let’s talk. If you are interested, please contact me:

Let’s give!

No matter where you look in the world, there are an overwhelming amount of needs – however, if you feel led by the Spirit to donate to your brothers and sisters in Mwanza, please transfer them to the account below.

Rakuten Bank,
Snare (スネア) branch (Branch number 239)
Account number: 1556906
(Specific account for Tanzanian mission only.)