(For Japanese training, please change the language.)

5 sessions during October and November 2018

Schedule (TBA)

Weekday evenings between 8:30pm10:00pm, using ZOOM

This training is for those either interested in or already stepping out to do simple church (house church, small group etc.)

Each week we will practice using the 3X3 (three-thirds) format for connecting and growing in the Word of God.

This will be focussed on beginners, or those who have no particular experience in simple church format and tools, but people who want to actually step out and begin something in their community.

We don’t need to be bound to one particular style, but will introduce flexibility within the 3X3 format. The format can be adapted and adjusted to the needs of those who are gathering.


We use the 3X3 pattern for gathering with small groups of people – anything from 2 people or more.

The three sections are:

1. Look Back

  • Connect – invite the Holy Spirit, and connect with one another through a meal and open sharing.
  • Worship – learn to worship with small numbers, with or without music.
  • Check-up – share testimonies and reports from the previous week.

2. Look Up

  • Word – reading together the Word of God
  • Discuss – talking about the meaning
  • Listen – hear how God is specifically calling you to obey Him through His word.

3. Look Forward

  • Goals – Set goals to share and reach out to your “oikos” affinity group.
  • Training – Learn simple tools for outreach and simple church gatherings
  • Pray – pray and send each other out


  • We will use the ZOOM video conference tool (free) each week, which can be used on computer or smartphone. Once you register we will help you set it up.
  • Attendance is free.