We go on a prayer walk once a month in Shinsaibashi. We meet first at 5:30 for supper and worship and then we head out for the prayer walk. Contact us if you would like to join and we will send information about this month’s meeting spot!

We pray as the Lord leads. We pray for Japan to have a revelation of His heart and His ways. We pray for the marriages in Japan – for God to teach His great plan for marriage. We pray for the lonely people, that they will know that there is a Friend in Jesus and that they are not alone. We pray for the youth and adults that they will know God’s wonderful plan for sexuality and relationships.

We pray about the temptations and societal norms and ensnarement of pornography, infidelity, and commodification of sex.
We intercede for the spiritual war we are in and the stronghold of lust.
We pray for the complete restoration of the broken walls of compromised purity, healing of the areas of lives that had been destroyed by sexual sin.
We pray for chains to be broken and people to be set free.