Jef & Aya Linscott – Introduction

I originally came to Japan from New Zealand with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) to visit in 1990 and I’ve been living here now for 28 years. My wife, Aya, is Japanese, we’ve been married for 23 years and have three boys – 20, 18 and 15. 

Over these three decades we’ve seen many ideas, trends, ministries and people come and go – but we strongly believe that the best is yet to come! God is so faithful, and going to do something amazing here in Japan – and through Japan God is going to bless the nations.

By many definitions, Japan is still unreached. Although about 1% identify themselves as Christian, only about 0.2% attend a church and the percentage for men is even smaller.

The challenge to reach Japan is huge – but our God is bigger!

We hold on to the promises of the Word, as well as recent testimonies from around the world of the transformation of nations through disciple making movements – and we believe that God can reach this beautiful nation with the gospel of His Kingdom in this generation.

We are involved in a few different things:

Onfire Japan – Media Ministry

We’ve been running an online media ministry – Onfire Japan – since 2006. 

Originally involved in publishing, we are now mainly involved in teaching, training, encouraging and equipping people in things of the Kingdom, especially intimacy in worship, simple church, and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Many, many people have contacted us over the years, experiencing transformation of their faith.

It has been so encouraging receiving messages where some people have been moved to get baptised, some people testified to even coming to faith through watching a video.

It’s still small, but recently it has been increasing, and the sense we are getting from many in the Body of Christ – including other friends in media ministries – is that in the next few years things are going to break wide open in Japan.

Simple Church

We help people do what is called simple church – or making disciples that make disciples. We’ve seen many people set free as they meet Christ and fall in love with him through one-on-one or small groups.

For over 15 years we’ve learned from many models, experimented and networked with others all over Japan who have a vision to do something different in Japan – to see a disciple making movement birthed in this nation.

Something entirely Kingdom – but entirely Japanese.

Sozo Deliverance and Healing Ministry

We run a healing and deliverance ministry called Sozo Japan.

Over the years we’ve seen many people, particularly Japanese women, open up in small groups, share deep hurts and failures, and receive healing and a touch of the Holy Spirit – in homes, restaurants, cafes, or even over video calls.

Although the standard of living is so high in Japan – many people live with a lot of emotional pain.

Through deliverance prayer we lead people to a deeper experience of true repentance and healing, as well as train others to lead people in the same way.

We’re integrating these deep repentance and deliverance tools into normal discipleship relationships.

The 33 Minute Warrior – Men’s Movement

We also work with Japanese men and have created a one-on-one men’s discipleship tool called “The 33 Minute Warrior.” 

It’s all about seeing men connect directly with their heavenly Master – as they connect to vital, vulnerable, powerful relationships with other men.

It could be said that Japanese men are one of the biggest largest un-reached people groups in the world – less than 1 in 1000 goes to church. But through one-on-one discipleship – calling forth their WARRIOR SPIRIT – I believe we can reach them.

Purity Movement 

God has placed a vision for a purity movement in this nation. We’re currently using media to talk about things like relationships, singleness, marriage, sexuality – things that seldom get talked about amongst Christians. 

Often talking about these things in Japan is taboo – but these issues are also the main source of pain and bondage for many people. We want to share about God’s ways in these areas – and God’s healing and restoration.

Moving to full-time ministry

Currently, we both have full or part-time jobs, and can only dedicate part of our week to these various ministry activities but feel God calling us to go full time sometime soon.

We are looking to build relationship with those who would like to invest and partner with us financially into the Kingdom of God in Japan in these areas that we’ve mentioned: media, simple church, discipleship and a purity movement.

Partner with us for the harvest in Japan!

If you feel God speaking to you to partner with us then please get in touch. We would love to connect, get to know you and build relationship.

Either way, please continue to pray for Japan.

We believe something amazing is going to come out of this nation and bless all the nations of the Earth.

Jef & Aya Linscott


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